Our ranch is located in the east central Alberta prairie. The closest town is Coronation,  north of our ranch. This area is semi arid and as most of our land has never been worked we have a lot of endangered Northern Fescue Grassland and our sheep and cows sure do well on it. Our management shows that we bear great responsibility in the care of this fragile grassland ecosystem that we and thousand of other species call home. Managing holistically has given us an understanding of the ecosystem that enables us to plan our grazing to optimize the health and productivity of the grasslands. T.K.Icelandics does not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides; we are committed to the ecosystem as a whole and understand that increased biodiversity only adds strength and stability to the natural environment.

We started going into Icelandic sheep and dogs when Auður, a native Icelander, had started to miss “her kind of animals”! We are running both registered and unregistered sheep here on our ranch. We are second and third generation working this land with a herd of 300 Angus based cows. Both our flock and herd are naturally raised and fed, outside in the fresh air and sunshine and are under low stress management. Of course our Icelandic dogs help with the critters, work very well and are beautiful pets also. Ralph was really impressed with their disposition when he first met an Icelandic dog. We have also added a couple of Icelandic Horses to the ranch, two young mares that are being trained by Catherine Seale, she uses TTouch method and it is beautiful to see her work with the horses.