9.Dec. 2010

Today is Solveig's birthday!!  Congratulations to a dear granddaughter in Iceland.

Sent some hay for analyszng, results are good for this year.  We were worried about the quality since we got rain after the hay was down but obviously didn't need to worry.

Of course as soon as the musicla shows were over we went to see the Harry Potter movie.  What a wonderful story that is!!

Took a while sorting sheep into breeding groups but we ended up with 5 small groups, makes chores harder with all the water we have to pail but it will be worth it next spring.

All of Mía's pups have left for their new homes, we are so blessed to find such good families for our pups.  Of course Mía is looking skinny and as always she lost a lot of her coat.  This is her last litter, she is now 6 years old and ready for retirement.  Now we have to find a good home for her.

Vésteinn has been visiting for a couple of weeks, before he heads off to Iceland to spend the winter there.  Should be fun for him and his nieces:)



14. Sept. 2010

Lots happening in our lives, most of it good:))  Rebekka's mare, Rúna, also has a little filly at her side, born 4. Sept.  The two little fillies will have fun growing up together.

Mía's pups were born 28. Aug., she had six pups but sadly one little female faded away.  She was born smaller than the other five and never really gained weight well.  We have to remember to focus on the five healthy pups!!

Sunna and Rebekka are taking voice lessons in Hanna this winter and are also participating in a musical with Stage Hanna.  This time they are doing "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", should be lots of fun.

Haying is going slowly, we are getting lots of wonderful rain so maybe we should have done silage:)  After last years drought we can't complain about the rain this summer!

19. August 2010

KYLJA IS NOW A PROUD MAMA!!!!! The filly was born this afternoon and is still staggering around looking at things.  Kylja is doing very well considering this is her first baby and of course she is still in the mood for crunchies!! This is the first Icelandic foal born on the Biggs Ranch and we are all very excited!!

19.July 2010

As always spring and summer have flown by!!  We are very happy after successful lambing and calving, the lambs are gaining so well on all this lush grass.  I have never seen the prairie so green, we have had rain after rain:)

We feel so honored to have had a visit from Sigurður and Guðrún, they are our Kappi's breeders.  Sigurður and Guðrún came from Iceland for a bus tour through the Rockies, we were so lucky that they took a brake from the tour to visit our ranch.  We had a wonderful visit with them, just way too short!!

After Sigurður and Guðrún left our son Atli came with his wonderful family.  Took his little girls a while to get used to all these animals but in a few days they were motoring all over:)  It didn't take Solveig and Guðríður long to have all four of us (plus all the dogs!) wrapped around their fingers:)  Solveig, being the older sister, gave orders and we obeyed, much to her mom's dismay:)  Guðríður, only 2 & 1/2  years old, learned some doggy talk, sit, off, stay and no bite:)  Can't wait for their next visit!!    

13 April 2010

                                       Seifur (dark litter) and Randver (light litter) napping side by side.


The pups have started leaving for their forever homes, Hestía will leave after the weekend and then only the three male pups that are still waiting for their forever family are here. We have heard from all our puppy families that the pups are setteling nicely into their new homes. 

We are getting ready for lambing season to begin, lucky that is has not started yet with the weather we have been getting.

Sunna and Rebekka are going to their last dance festival this spring.  That means we will be away on Sunna's 16th birthday!!

16 Mar. 2010

We are starting to see that spring is on it's way, puddles on the ground and muddy in the corrals. So when all the dogs come in they are all muddy!!

Dance festival season has begun for the girls and I, we did our first festival on the weekend and all went very smoothly didn't forget any costumes or anything at home =) Next festival is a bit farther away so hopefully it goes as smoothly as it did the first festival.

Today we put flaps on the calfs noses to start weaning them, next week we will be seperating the cows and the calfs so that the cows will be ready for the next calfs in June!

All the puppies are doing well, starting to play in the kitchen and the two litters are playing together now and getting along wonderfully.  We introduced Móa and Tumi to the pups today and they both handled that very well, considering how young they both are, Móa just wanted to play with them and Tumi wanted just to sniff them and play with them a bit. 

 So everything on the ranch is going very well now we are just waiting for lambing to start next month!!

22. Feb. 2010

Having two litters in the house does keep us busy, even this early:)  Lets hope spring comes early so we can spend lots of time outside with the 11 pups. 

Lots of time spent watching the Olympics, plus dance stage rehersals have begun.  Sunna and Rebekka taped my dance group and actually I feel better after seeing that clip:) 

One big surprise here on the ranch is that we may have a foal in the next couple of weeks!!  Luckily Rebekka noticed that Hylling has started bagging up so Ralph has spread straw on the ground, we hope Hylling will foal there instead of the snow.  She is an experienced mom so we don't have to keep a very close eye on her, she will know what to do:)

28. Jan. 2010

Skúta is starting to look big even when she is sitting nicely:)  This photo is taken on day 49 so only two more weeks!

Days are starting to get longer, we can start looking forward to spring:)  Hay supplies are still good, don't have to feed as much while the weather is this fair.  Next month we will start weaning the calves, they look like they are in good condition for that. 

Both horses, Birtinga and Hylling, are looking good now that we have been feeding them beetpulp mixed with other goodies, plus glucosamine for Birtinga in her old age at 35.  Catherine is very lucky to own such easy keepers:)

As always at this time of the year dancing is taking up more and more time, everyone is preparing for festivals:)  Rebekka is adding classical ballet solo to her agenda, while Sunna is adding a variety solo.


Here is a phot of Vanadís on day 47 of her pregnancy, her belly is looking pretty low:)


21. Jan.2010

Our little Tumi joined our family on Monday, couldn't have dreamed of a more beautiful pup from our friend Cathy.  Cathy sure has some good dogs at her farm.

The first day Móa thought we had brought a new toy, but now she can sleep right beside Tumi. 

I'm starting to worry that Skúta is going to be like her mom and have a big litter:) She certnaly is looking like she's carrying a full load:) Vanadís is showing her pregnancy but not as much as Skúta...lol

17. Jan. 2010

Great weather all week!!  Kappi is healing nicely, he loves getting all the attention these days and actually walks so nicely on leash:) 

Ralph picked up an old truck to replace our "old blue" so now we have an even older blue:)  Just hope that when I'm using it it won't fall apart like the other one did!!  Tomorrow Rebekka and I will be using it, while Sunna & Ralph go to Calgary to pick up our Tumi.  Sunna will get a chance to practice her city driving too.

We will definetly have two litters in Feb.!!  Both Skúta and Vanadís have started filling out nicely:)  Just hope that Skúta is not as prolific as her mom !  Vanadís will be good to us and have the same size litter she did last time:)

12. Jan. 2010

The weather has been beautiful, resulting in Móa getting lots of practice walking on lead:)  She even has had a couple of trips to town to get used to the traffic there.  Of course she is a real trooper, listens very well.  Sunna & Rebekka are really proud of their little pup:)  In six days we will get our new pup, Thrymheim's Tumi.  He is quite the looker, a black tri, medium length coat.  Tumi comes from bloodlines we have been wanting for a long time.  We will add pictures of Tumi when he arrives!!

Kappi, our oldest male, visited the vet yesterday and is no longer a stud:)  He still looks very handsome and wants a lot of cuddles today, guess he is feeling a bit sore.  We thought he would be living with our friends, the Jack family, but that is not going to happen so he will stay here for a while longer.  We can still keep him busy bringing in the sheep at night.


The forcast sounds promising, should be around 0 C over the weekend:)  Nice brake after the long cold spell.

Ralph & Rebekka joined the Hanna community Band again, had their first practice last night and were very happy when they came home.  Rebekka is trying the flute and Ralph is playing the trumpet again.  So Sunna and I had a cosy evening at home:)

Looks like both Vanadís & Skúta are expecting, at least their waists are expanding somewhat.  Will be fun to experience having two litters at the same time:)

3. Jan. 2010

Good news from Vésteinn this morning, the young couple made it safely to Victoria after a short stop in Revelstoke due to controlled avalanches.  They love the view from their apartment window, Vésteinn says it smells and looks like Iceland with trees:) 

Typical weather here, cold & windy!!  We plan to pull the rams today, it is a lot of work to water all five breeding groups.  Will be easier to only have to look after two pens.

Cows are doing well on the mixed grass hay, we also put out some greenfeed as they need that when it is so cold.

1. Jan. 2010

Happy New Year to everyone!!  Our New Year resolution is to update more often:)

The fall flew by, Sunna & Rebekka joined Stage Hanna again, this time the musical Oliver! was performed.  Since I had to drive them to Hanna I decided to join in and volunteered to be the stage manager.  There was a lot to learn but a lot of fun so we are all ready to participate in the next production:)

We put the rams in early this year, on Nov.26 so should start lambing around Apr.18  There are 5 small breeding groups, had to use the three rams we got out of AI.  Those three rams are from Tigull, a beautiful leader ram in Iceland.  Next spring we will have AI lambs from Móri, a moorit polled ram, the first time we have used a polled ram.

Ralph and I took Skúta to Lethbridge to meet North Skye Markús and his owner Alison.  Great how  Icelandic Sheepdog owners are willing to travel long distances for a good, healthy mating.  Now we will have to wait and see if this mating will actually produce puppies:)  Markús is a beautiful black tri, very well behaved gentleman.  He is the type of a dog that really needs to be in our breeding pool, perfect temperament and smart.

Vanadís is hopefully also expecting, she got to play with Kappi.  This is a repeat mating between those two as all the pups from their first litter have been neautured/spayed.  So we should have two litters on the ground in February, first time we have tried that!!  This will be Kappi's last litter, he has helped make some wonderful pups.

A photo of Markús and Skúta in Lethbridge, Alberta.

4. August 2009

Sunna, Rebekka and I had a wonderful time in Iceland! Atli and Bubba´s wedding was absolutly
beautiful, even the weather co-opperated for the outside wedding.  As always Rúnar was the best host, drove us all over the place and put up with all our "girl drama" episodes:)  From my immediate family my brother Eiki and his family came, my favorite niece Svava and her family were also able to come.

We also spent a few days in a summer cottage by Hveragerði and it was wonderful to walk around with Eiki:)   We were lucky and had a nice visit with Brynhildur Inga at Reykjadals Kennel, saw her beautiful dogs, Rebekka made a new friend in Sunnusteins Sif.  The last day we spent at Eiki's house, much to Sunna & Rebekka's delight, they always have fun with Ari Sissó.

Tomorrow Sunna & Rebekka are going to Catherine Seale's, they will get to help with her little boys as well as horses!  So they are very excited about that.

Have to add a picture of our Mía, she is due in 12 days and is getting bigger by the day:)

12. May 2009

Lambing is going very well, all ewes lambed unasisted and no bottle lambs! This year we have more triplets,  four sets of triplets when we usually only get one so we are very pleased with that!  Lots of colours and most importantly healthy lambs.    Calving is just starting,  seven calves so far!  One of our heifers hid her calf very well,  we spent a whole day looking for it, the next morning of course she had it right by her side!
We have a new addition to our family!! An Icelandic Sheepdog was found in a high kill shelter so we offered a permentent home for her.  This is going to be Sunna and Rebekka´s dog as they have always wanted to rescue a dog so now they have their work cut out for them..LOL!    Pictures of our new dog comming soon!


Here is a picture of our first triplets of the year!

26. Apr.2009

First lambs of the season were born this morning, two little ewe lambs!!  Both are solid blacks born to a white mom and a badgerface ram.  Always fun to guess at what colour we will be getting, I didn't think we would get two black lambs from these two:)

Weather is warming up a little bit, grass is coming so we will be able to put the sheep out to clean, green pasture.  Always more fun to see them lamb out on green grass.


Couldn't resist showing off how nicely our Skúta stacks.:)  On this foggy morning she was waiting for

us slow-pokes and like so many Icelandic Sheepdogs stacked beautifully without help from anyone.  I think that our dogs stack better naturally then when we try to place them in a stack:)

Once it dries up a bit we have to start fencing again, are planning a new pen for lambing. That one will be close to the house so we can keep a close eye on our ewes.  Lambing should start May 1. and calving a couple of weeks later.

24 Mar. 2009

As you can see Koda just keeps growing:)  He handled being neutered very well, only spent a couple of nights in the barn and then was back out with his flock of sheep.  He came up to the house today to meet the new puppies, it was so much fun to see the size difference:)

Pups have started going outside. The snow has strated to melt during the day!  YAY spring is about to arrive :D    We leave for dance festivals on Friday, the girls are getting very excited!

12.Mar. 2009

Winter is still lingering, does not want to let go:)  Almost like the month of Thorri still but the month of Goa has already started.  The forcast is for warmer weather on the weekend though.

Ronja and pups are doing well, the pups have had first taste of solids (ground beef + cottage cheese).  Of course they all lapped that up without any problems. 

Yesterday Tessa and Koda, our Livestock Guardian Dogs, had an encounter with a porcupine!!  The resulting pulling of quills took quite some time and effort.  Tessa has learned from past experiences not to dig her nose right in so she only had a few quills in her nose but Koda.............it took a good hour to pull all the quills.  Don't know who was more exhausted, us humans or Koda:)


Our Ronja had her pups this morning, she is a wonderful mom and finally gets to lick to her hearts content:))  She has 2 male and 2 females, all four pups are doing very well and so is mom.  Pup no. 2 gave us a little scare, didn't start breathing until we gave her a good shake and a bit of air down her throat.  We thought we would get a wider variety of colours, mother nature had to prove us wrong......again!! 

28.Jan. 2009

All you hear about on the news here in Canada today is the Harper government Budget.  The Liberals have chosen not to bring down the government, so we will not have an election until fall if Harper and his fellow members can weather the storm.

The girls dancing schedule is keeping everyone busy, they have lessons in town 5 times a week.  My one class for adults is nothing compared with all their classes:)

It has warmed up, we still need snow, preferably LOTS of it!!  It is nice when temp. is like this, even warm enough for a good walk with the dogs.  Ronja is doing well with her pregnancy, still full of energy but loves cuddles right now.  Pretty soon we will have to put up the whelping box, fill it with nice comfy blankets so she will get used to relaxing in it.