The Icelandic’s are dual coated: thel is the soft, crimped undercoat and tog is the long, wavy outer coat. You can separate the two coats for spinning or spin them together. There is an amazing assortment of colours and patterns in their fleece. They may be solid black, white, moorit, gray or spotted in variety of colours as well as badger faced. This variety of colours makes yarn spun from it unique and beautiful.  

For centuries the Icelandic’s have been bred for their delicious light and lean meat. Here in North America the breed thrives on grass-based farms and more and more natural and organic farmers are turning to the Icelandic breed. Our animals are raised outside in the fresh air and sunshine. They never receive artificial growth hormones (implants) or antibiotics. They live in uncrowded conditions that allow for free movement and natural behaviour. Our lambs gain very well on mother’s milk and grass. All our lambs are grass finished and handled with low stress management. Meat consumers are recognizing the health benefits of grass fed meats.

We sell lamb in the fall, slaughtered in provincially inspected facilities.


… If you would like to try this gourmet lamb contact us. In our community we have a lot of repeat customers that rave about the taste.

Up to the middle of this century the ewe was traditionally milked in Iceland for human consumption. Icelandic sheep milk is high in butterfat, protein and minerals and therefore it is great for cheese making and skyr (Icelandic delicacy). The ewes are very milky and we have heard that they are easily trained although we have only milked them for lamb consumption. Their udder and teat placement are good for ease of milking.
For other Icelandic products, visit http://www.icelandic-goods.com

For other Icelandic products, visit http://www.icelandic-goods.com